Weight Management (Body Bespoke™)

Weight Management

Together with our sister practice Très Health, also located within the Chelsea Bridge Clinic, we have devised a unique weight management programme called Body Bespoke™.

Before we go into detail, let’s make one thing clear: Body Bespoke™ is not a diet! There’s no calorie counting, no fasting and no fads. It’s a programme – usually lasting around three months – which has been put together by a team comprising our specialist doctors, physiotherapists, personal trainers, nutritional therapists and lifestyle specialists.

Feeling healthy with weight under controlIf you set out to lose a lot of weight, there can sometimes be implications for your skin. If this turns out to be the case, we can call on some of the most eminent dermatologists in the country so that they too can be a part of your programme.

No two programmes are the same, and how we build your individual version of Body Bespoke depends on several factors. How much weight do you want to lose or (in some cases) gain? Do you eat a balanced diet appropriate to your body type and individual metabolism? Do you exercise and, if so, how and how much? The list goes on, and it’s only when we understand the answers to these and other questions that we’ll formulate a programme just for you.

Initial Body Bespoke consultations are free of charge, so talk to us today to find out more.


Liam Tamne “Raoul” in the Phantom of the Opera production

The Client: Liam Tamne is a singer and actor and the former star of the BBC programme The Voice. He has appeared in a number of West End hit shows including Wicked, Hairspray, Hair and Les Miserables. He is currently starring as Roaul in The Phantom Of The Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre, London.

The Need: Facing a very strenuous schedule which sees him on stage for eight performances every week, Liam felt that his voice was starting to feel really tired. He needed to protect his voice and raise his performance levels on stage. Although Liam is now extremely fit, he is looking to address very small, stubborn localized fat pockets through a course of 8 non-invasive laser treatments.

The Result: A detailed assessment of Liam’s condition confirmed that Liam’s arduous working demands were putting too much stress on his neck and lower back, affecting his voice and performance levels on stage. A bespoke programme was designed for Liam in order to correct his posture and to shape the muscles that he was using most often. As well as the intensive physical programme he was given a detailed diet to follow and the results have been impressive. Here the programme was focused not only on the correct body shape and strength, but also on the health aspects which make successful artists such as Liam perform at their peak.

Liam says… “I felt the difference almost immediately. I have much more energy now. I suffer much less from fatigue, I have more get up and go and I can do so much more. We’re working hard to correct my posture and to build up the muscles that I’ve not previously used. My voice is already stronger, the quality of my sound is better and it is safer for me to sing louder for long periods. People at Phantom have noticed the change in my voice and my voice no longer gets tired.”


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