Treatments for acne

Acne condition improvements

The good news is that almost every case of acne can be effectively treated. The condition can be related to diet, hormonal activity or even hereditary factors. Despite what you may have been told, sun exposure does not ‘dry up the spots’ (a tan may hide them for a bit) but, in fact, almost always makes the condition worse.

There are several different approaches to treatment depending on type and severity. Ideally you want to have a solution that helps the condition as is, prevents future spots and also deals with the potential scarring. A solution has to be bespoke to your situation, and can include laser treatment, antibiotics, hormone tablets, products applied directly to the skin (known an ‘topical’), peels or other. The idea is to calm down inflammation and control the sebum production whilst improving the overall skin condition. And whilst we treat the condition, there are also cosmetic options to improve the appearance in the short and medium term.

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