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Our team includes top Cosmetic Dermatologists who will advise you on the best treatment to meet your needs.

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We pride ourselves in helping achieve a wide range of cosmetic goals that our customers seek to achieve. We do this by combining the latest technology, clinically proven techniques and holistic therapies – not just medication.

Treatments in isolation don’t always address the problem. Our approach is to combine them into bespoke solutions that work for your specific circumstances.

Please do spare some time to learn more about us, our clinic, our team and results, so you can be clear about our ethos and the quality of the services we offer. You may want to read more about our Nutritional Therapy, Laser Acne Treatments, Chemical Peels, Medical Grade Facials and our range of specialised products from NeoStrata, Bioderma and Zen Obagi.  Or just browse around… enjoy!

You will find that everyone in our team is well qualified and extremely friendly, and we do our absolute best every day to help our clients and patients achieve great results that keep us proud of doing what we do.

The Ethos Approach

Services and products combined to work with integrity.

Patients with skin problems tell us they’ve struggled in the past with temporary fixes and feeling ‘processed’ with medication, without wider consideration to root causes or their wider health. Clients with weight issues move between diets and plans, generally ending up in the same place or worse, each time feeling less confident about their dream of achieving an optimum body shape/weight and keeping it there. Clients looking to improve their body or skin appearance are often confused by the myriad of cosmetic treatments and products available, and often feel they’ve ‘been sold to’ rather than recommended the best solution. They are scared of ‘plastic’ looks and risks associated with surgical procedures.

We wanted to do it differently, better, with healthier, more natural and long-lasting results for our clients.

At ethos:

  • we are about results
  • we create solutions, not just treatments: the best medical knowledge combined with alternative therapies and the latest equipment in a smart way
  • every treatment is bespoke (for real) and we offer the ones that we know work best rather than hundreds of confusing options
  • every product is chosen (and used) by our team not because of brands but because it works
  • your skin and weight issues are treated as they should be: not in isolation – they are part of your full picture!

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