The City Smogbuster

The City Smogbuster

Living and working in the big city can be thrilling and exciting, but it’s not a bed of roses for our skin. And while some over-the-counter products can help, there’s no substitute for serious, clinical solutions.

Our CITY SMOGBUSTER gets rid of dead skin so you look healthy and glowing, and it can also help minimise fine lines, reduce the appearance of mild pigmentation and stimulate your body’s own collagen.

The five week course includes:

  • Initial consultation with a specialist skin nurse
  • Three diamond micro-dermabrasion sessions
  • Three medical grade facials. These amazing facials are actually a six stage process – exfoliation, cleansing, toning, treating, hydrating and finally managing the skin for the long term. We’ll also include a wonderful face and neck massage just to make you feel good.
  • One glycolic acid chemical peel
  • Optional stress and sleep consultation

Your diamond micro-dermabrasion and facials can take place during the same appointment, and after you’re third and final session, we recommend a two week break before your chemical peel

Total price: £490

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