Treatments for psoriasis

Psoriasis not only our skin, but it can also affect our self-confidence and, at worst, cause severe psychological stress. There’s no known cure but there are some modern, effective treatments, which is why at ethos we always insist that your first appointment is with a leading Consultant Dermatologist.

You may have already tried many high street remedies, so we need to look at your psoriasis from a medical, health and aesthetic point of view. Medically, we need to do what we can to provide you with a fast and accurate diagnosis and relief to the symptoms. Health-wise, we need to look into your global health and what else can be done to support you.

Some of the science behind psoriasis, and some information about its various different types, can be found here but let’s now discuss the Ethos approach to treatment. Bear in mind that treatment programmes differ depending on your individual diagnosis, so not every treatment listed here will necessarily apply to you.

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