Treatment for blood spots and angiomas

The general term ‘angioma’ covers cherry angiomas (or blood spots) and spider angiomas. Thread veins, also called spider veins are similar and are often found on the legs. Angiomas and thread veins are usually totally harmless, but should be looked at urgently if they’re bleeding often, or changing shape, size or colour.

The current technologies are very effective for vascular treatments, so rather than looking for ‘the latest’ treatment it is important to identify the most suitable specifically for you. These range from electrolysis, laser or sclerotherapy, and within those categories some treatments or equipment will be more or less effective or cause more or less bruising or pain, depending on the location (face or body), calibre (dimensions) and depth of the vascular lesions. Your Dermatologist will advise the best approach specifically for you in your first consultation.

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