It is not unusual for many of us to experience red flushes occasionally, but for one in ten people in the UK, persistent redness on the face is a problem. If you have redness and also other symptoms, like spots, visible blood vessels and dry, thickened skin, you might be suffering from a skin condition called Rosacea.

Rosacea affects the face and is a chronic condition classified within the acne family and often mistaken for it. It is a rash affecting the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose typically with a spotty breakout, redness, dilated/broken blood vessels and small red bumps, it is slightly more prevalent in women aged 30 – 50 and those of a fair skin complexion. It can be more severe in men of the same age who suffer its more severe forms that include scarring and a bulbous nose which is known as rhinophyma. Rosacea can cause eye symptoms (dryness, itchiness) and inflammation of the eyelid not found in acne. If untreated rosacea can cause scarring.

There is no known cure, but laser treatments can reduce symptoms

The causes of rosacea are unknown and, unfortunately, there is currently no cure. However, treatments have evolved considerably and if you suffer from Rosacea you can now enjoy clearer, smoother, stress-free skin. The inflammation that accompanies it can be treated with topical skincare products and applications, oral antibiotics/isotretinoin. Regenlite laser which is very successful at painlessly shrinking the visible blood vessels. An eye specialist will need to care for more severe cases involving the eye and surgery can address severe cases where there is scarring of the nose. Treatment options include:

  • Dermatology consultation and prescription medication.
  • Regenlite laser by Chromogenex
  • Medical grade skin peels
  • Dietary and lifestyle advice
  • Recommended medical grade skin care products

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FOCUS ON: Dietary and lifestyle advice and a good skin care regime will help improve the appearance of rosacea. Unlike acne, rosacea can be triggered by alcohol, strong emotion and spicy foods and these triggers cause a reproducible flushing of the cheeks. Our nutritional therapists can help create a diet plan to avoid foods that might aggravate this and our medical aestheticians and dermatologists can recommend skincare products specifically designed to manage redness in the skin. Our Medical Aestheticians can also offer a number of Medical Grade skin peels to help cleanse the skin and improve its appearance.

Regenlite laser by Chromogenex

Regenlite laser is very successful at painlessly shrinking the blood vessels by targeting the blood vessels with pulses of light energy which leave the surrounding skin unharmed. Clients see a visible reduction in redness by as much as 75% in one to three treatments. The laser can also smooth out scars by stimulating the production of collagen in the skin to give it a smooth supple appearance.

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