We set up a service that we all wish to be proud of, individually and as a team. Continuous improvement, measuring and documenting how we’re doing is an integral part of that service – which is why we have this dedicated section on our site.

The ways in which we know we have achieved that are:

  • when we can measure a clear result
  • when you tell us that you are happy with us
  • when you recommend us to your friends and family
  • when we are recognised by media or accredited bodies for the work we do

Please see below some of these results, so you can make an informed decision about your provider.


We care about you and we care about results. This is what motivates us. Every week, a number of customers tell us about their results and great experiences and we would like to hear yours too so please share them with us here!

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  • ... In just a couple of sessions, we had already noticed an improvement beyond our expectations. She studied all of my issues and tended to them carefully one at a time ...

    Angela L
  • I couldn’t have asked for a better place.

    Santiago S
  • … Treating the source of the condition and not simply just the result creates a whole and complete, indeed holistic approach.

    Tessa L-F
  • I would - and do - recommend this outstanding practice to everyone.

    Ariane K
  • ... Not only does this seem a totally logical approach – it has also worked for me. I have gone from being told that I am unlikely to be able to run again to entering a triathlon this summer.

    Sue C
  • … They always use their time, skill and experience to find the source of the problem, and begin mending from there. Furthermore, they were sensitive intuitive when it came to how far they could push me each session ... They were completely dedicated and a pleasure to work with.

    Harriet S
  • Instead of feeling older and older I am feeling younger and Younger!

    Elspeth McA
  • I had the most amazing experience, would 100% recommend friends and family, will return shortly (10 out of 10) EXCELLENT.

    Tyeesha D
  • … the whole experience was wonderful; Sheer bliss!!

    Helen K
  • I felt the difference almost immediately. I have much more energy now. I suffer much less from fatigue, I have more get up and go and I can do so much more.

    Liam T

Before & after treatment

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