The Oh-So Radiant Face

Ethos London Medical

It wasn’t so long ago that you had to go under the knife if you wanted to enhance your looks. And although there’s still a place for surgery under certain circumstances, these days it’s all about tweaking and refining so you avoid the plastic look so often the result of invasive procedures.

Our OH-SO RADIANT FACE package combines the very best tried-and-tested procedures and is designed to deliver amazing results at a fraction of the cost of surgery and with no need for painful recovery time.

Procedures are carried out by leading doctors – (Botox and fillers for results right now) and by highly qualified nurses and therapists (laser, for long term benefits).

  • Consultation with a Cosmetic Doctor
  • Botox to two areas (actually, Botox is a brand name, like Hoover. Our Consultants’ brand of choice is called Bocouture).
  • Dermal fillers (1ml of Juverderm applied where you need it most)
  • Three Regenlite laser rejuvenation treatments (this doesn’t just attack the physical signs of age, but also stimulates the body to produce its own collagen and elastin, a process which reduces naturally as we get older)

Total price: £1,590

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