Medical Facial

Botox (BOCOUTURE) Injectables

Medical facials are a combination of one or more medical treatments to improve your skin and treat any particular conditions, wrapped around with a total pampering experience. They are very different from regular spa facials because they provide a clinical approach designed to give you great skin results, not just relaxation. They are considered more effective because the products and equipment used are tailored to improve and correct skin conditions such as photo-ageing, fine lines, congested skin and acne, amongst others.

Each of our facials is designed entirely bespoke for you. After your detailed skin consultation with one of our Aesthetic Nurses, you will relax comfortably in one of our treatment beds and your skin will be deeply cleansed, generally twice with a glycolic agent and a deep cleansing solution.  The next step is to remove the dead layers of your skin, either using diamond microdermabrasion (mechanical exfoliation) or a light chemical peel (chemical exfoliation). This allows the new skin to emerge, and that is the skin we are going to boost, hydrate, treat and protect.

To treat the new skin after exfoliation, we will apply a treatment mask, serum or other combination of products specifically chosen for you. Here is where the core of the medical treatment lies. This may be for rejuvenation, nutrition, hydration, collagen boosting or pigmentation lightening of the skin, and we generally make our products penetrate deeply with the use of sonopherisis (radio waves) that create micro-channels by vibration, through which the treatment products can penetrate deeply.

With the dead skin gone and the new skin well treated, we will proceed onto activating micro-circulation and improving detoxification using a drainage facial massage and pressure points massage both to face, décolletage and neck. These are extremely relaxing and you will feel in total bliss, however they are not just for pampering! They play a key role in ensuring that products are absorbed deeply, and any toxins and impurities drain well through your lymphatic system and that circulation is improved. We continue massaging with a deep moisturising product, so that your cells are really totally revitalised and protected.

Finally, with your new skin flesh, glowing and fully treated, all is left is for us to protect it with a great sunscreen chosen for your skin type, and you can chose to have a clear or tinted one for that extra glow and even tone…    Your skin will look amazing and much healthier on the day of the treatment, and the facial will also play a role in preventing any further damage for a long lasting outcome.

Facials can be done as a one-off experience or a regular course for skin maintenance. Combined with a bespoke nutritional plan, they can make a radical transformation of your skin without breaking the bank!

Prices start at £115 when purchased as part of a course, or you can do a one-off to try. They are simply addictive!

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