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Images, clinical papers and case studies make it easier for you to gauge results and quality standards. Enjoy our gallery!

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At ethos we invest a significant part of our time searching for solutions for our client’s needs. We combine effective treatments and products in the best possible way for results, which is why we only adopt products and technology which have been researched and tested clinically.

This section contains some of the main research we have looked into. Here you will find out more about other patients and cases which may be similar to yours.

Please remember that although these are intended as an informative source, accurate diagnosis and a well-thought treatment plan are critical to achieving great results so don’t forget to consult your doctor or ask our team any questions you may have.

Articles & Journals

A selection of articles latest and classic which we feel you may be interested in. If you are suffering with a condition or weight management issue, we particularly recommend you to look more deeply into the research in this area so you can make better informed decisions about your health. And don’t forget to ask your doctor if you have any questions also! 



Personalised medicine has transformed healthcare and now treatments which are targeted and tailored to the individual are set to transform weight management. ethos, a London-based clinical centre of excellence, has developed a unique approach which offers the very latest non-invasive weight-management technologies, such as i-lipoXcell laser fat reduction, lymphatic pressotherapy and muscle stimulation — to achieve immediate results — alongside advice and support from a team of experts to tackle the root causes of weight problems and ensure sustained benefits.

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