Chemical Peel

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In short, exfoliation for removal of skin can be done mechanically with a machine (microdermabrasion) or product (exfoliating mask) or chemically. A peel is nothing but the removal of skin using a chemical method. Most of the skin we see in our face or body is pretty much dead. By removing it with a chemical agent, we’re able to remove it quite deeply, and the skin that emerges is fresh, new, smooth and glowing, so the results are seen immediately after the treatment.

In the past, products used for peels used to be extremely aggressive, however nowadays what most people don’t know is that the latest products used are far more effective and yet much less aggressive, and often contain many good substances such as vitamins to boost the skin that remains, and are often designed to be left in the skin rather than removed quickly as it used to be the case. 

Nowadays, peel treatments are mostly painless. You may experience tingling but the therapist will monitor your skin reaction very carefully and neutralise the peel chemical with a spray as soon as the skin starts to react, so any tingling or discomfort stops immediately and only the goodness of the product remains.

At Ethos, we have chosen the NeoStrata medical grade peels because it is one of the most effective yet gentle products we have tested. Our peels can be layered or combined with other cosmetic treatments to offer maximum results, for instance we may use a Glycolic concentration to remove all dead skin and layer on top of a Mandelic one, to address localised pigmentation issues, for instance dark circles under the eye. Our aesthetic nurses will design the course specifically for what you are trying to achieve so you get great results. And for extreme cases, where a much deeper solution is required, we offer also a highly specialised medical peel performed at higher concentrations, by our Cosmetic Dermatologists.

Whether you need a boost to your skin for a special event like your wedding, to improve the look of your skin or a skin concern, peels are an easy way to achieve this, and our bespoke peels will address pigmentation patches, enlarged pores, acne, acne scars and fine lines. There is no downtime after the treatment, and results are seen straight away.

Peels can be done as a one-off treatment, or as part of a course, where we start with a lower % and gradually build your skin’s tolerance up over the course of 3 or 5 peels, each exfoliating deeper. Results are stunning and our clients swear by them.

Our prices are great too… Starting from £95 per peel, if you have never done one, it is a must try!

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