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Before you embark on your journey to look great, you should always see a Cosmetic Dermatologist, the specialist who’s most qualified to advise on your skin and what procedures will work best, taking into account your unique circumstances and what you are trying to achieve. This is extremely important in order to achieve a very natural and radiant appearance and avoid that plastic look that we all dread!
It is critical to find a reputable clinic that is looking to develop a relationship with you and look after your needs in the long run, instead of selling you a one-off treatment!


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Looking to take your first step in cosmetics?

Check your skin properly and receive all the correct advice from one of our top Cosmetic Dermatologists and kick start your skin health with a courtesy medical facial or diamond microdermabrasion treatment worth £75. OFFER EXPIRES 31 DECEMBER 2015


Important …

Less is more and you don’t have to do anything – consider carefully what is really necessary. Beware of clinics who will try to sell you procedures when you don’t need any!

Meet our expert team, specialising in skin health and aesthetic dermatology

Dr Tamara Griffiths

Dr. Tamara Griffiths

Consultant Dermatologist, Honorary Lecturer at the University of Manchester, GMC Specialist Register N. 4664857

Dr. Griffiths is a Consultant Dermatologist specialised in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, aesthetic dermatology, allergy, dermatological surgery, hair/nail and inflammatory skin diseases, paediatric dermatology and skin cancer. Dr Griffiths leads national and international standards, has been an advisor to the National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence (NICE) and is committed to practising with the highest level of quality. Internationally recognised key opinion leader in cosmetic dermatology, she is a spokesperson and Trustee for the British Skin Foundation, fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, member of the British Association of Dermatologists, founder and president of the British Cosmetic Dermatology Group and heads clinical research on aesthetic medicine. Featured on the BBC and Channel 4 and voted one of Britain’s top doctors by Tatler Magazine in 2007.

Simone Faby

Simone Faby

BSc Hons, MBant, CNHC Affiliated – Lead Nutrition & Weight Loss Practitioner

Lead Nutrition Adviser for the ethos Body Bespoke™ and the Chelsea Bridge Clinic medical teams, with a keen interest in weight management, digestive function, pre/ post-natal nutrition, children and adolescent nutrition and healthy ageing. Simone is an experienced and pragmatic Nutritional Therapist, who is passionate about health through food, and believes that food should always be associated with enjoyment and diversity. Her client-centered approach has a track record of results for patients with a broad range of health issues and those seeking to gain or lose weight.

About our Medical Grade Facials and Diamond Dermabrasion Treatments

Medical grade Facial Treatments

After your consultation with one of our Cosmetic Dermatologists, a facial will be designed specifically for you, to give your skin what it needs the most at that point in time. These treatments can range from a deep cleanse and nourishing treatment all the way to an advanced laser treatment with our latest rejuvenation technology Regenlite. They last between 1 and 1.5h at our MediSpa, where you will have a really deep relaxing experience which includes a neck & shoulders massage to relieve stress levels, all very important for your skin health!

Diamond Microdermabrasion

If you haven’t done one before, you will be amazed at how such a simple treatment can have such a dramatic effect. Microdermabrasion is a very popular and pain-free cosmetic treatment, which involves the use of a machine to gently remove the surface layers of the skin. It is ideal as a kick-start for your skin, after summer or before initiating your cosmetic treatments. It is also very popular for preparing the skin for a key date such as a wedding or special party.

This type of exfoliation is deeper than the traditional methods such as exfoliating gels and it doesn’t involve the use of chemicals such as peels. This treatment speeds up the skin cell renewal process to improve the appearance of the skin leaving it radiant after the superficial layers of dead cells are removed. At ethos we use Diamond dermabrasion (microdermabrasion performed with a special diamond head, rather than the more common crystal based process) for great results.

We chose the Diamond technology because it doesn’t involve propelling a high-speed flow of aluminum oxide crystals onto the skin (no risk of stray crystals causing damage or being ingested), and because the areas closer to the eyes and mouth can be abraded more accurately with special contouring diamond heads. We combine it with an infusion of a hyaluronic cosmetic product using a non-invasive, pain-free method called sonopherisis that makes the product penetrate deeply for even greater results.





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Convenient location

Ethos is conveniently situated in the heart of London, with immediately adjacent secure parking. We are at close distance from Chelsea, Knightsbridge, South Kensington, Battersea Park and Clapham, and the popular stations of Victoria, Battersea Park and Sloane Square, and a number of bus routes are also adjacent.